Financial Stability

Our Goal: Break the Cycle of Poverty


Together, we can alleviate poverty for our most vulnerable neighbors and provide clear and attainable pathways to brighter futures.


What We're Doing About It


Helping Women Enter or Re-Enter the Workforce.

In an effort to help disadvantaged women secure interview and career appropriate attire, Dreams to Reality was born. Too often, women don't have the appropriate attire to wear in an interview that could change the trajectory of her life. Dreams to Reality accepts donated clothes and gifts them to women through a referral process. Every referred client meets with a trained Professional Image Consultant who will assist in selecting a coordinated and stylish wardrobe for work--including clothing and shoes. An expansion of its services, Dreams to Reality now also provides women not just interview attire but a week's worth of clothing suitable for many work environments to help ease them into the workplace while they wait for their first paycheck.


Providing affordable childcare.

It is no secret the cost of childcare can be a huge financial burden on the average family--and an even greater obstacle for families struggling financially. That's why we partner with agencies like Little Explorers Discovery Center, who provides affordable childcare to low- and middle-income working families on a sliding-fee scale, on the philosophy that each child is entitled to quality early childhood education services in a caring environment.  


Providing Meaningful Employment for those with Disabilities.

Individuals with disabilities can find it difficult to find employment--and meaningful employment at that! That is why we partner with agencies like Capitol Projects, a sheltered workshop whose mission is to provide meaningful and dignified employment for people with disabilities. Take a tour of this agency and you will see some of the happiest people -- who would love to give you a high 5 or hug when they meet you!


We're Seeing Results


women receive apparel & gained the confidence and ability to enter or re-enter the workforce


families maintained employment by accessing affordable childcare


adults with disabilities had dignified & meaningful employment